Birth place: Ottawa
November 28

Penelope is originally from Ottawa and graduated from Canterbury Arts High School.  She continued her education in Vancouver and is a graduate of the UBC BFA Acting program.  She is a Vancouver Theatre Sports League alumnus, singer, writer, director and sometimes “funniest woman in Vancouver” (Terminal City Weekly, September 2003).  She produced her original one-woman rock opera, Plugged, at The Beaumont Studios, and toured it through Fringe Festivals in Montreal, Ottawa and New York, 2006.  She was a lead writer/performer in Double Exposure’s comedy revue The Snides of March, directed the short play Flawless as part of the Walking Fish Festival, and was nominated for a CTC award for her direction of The Book of Liz with I’m a Little Pickled Theatre Co.  Nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award with Vancouver’s renowned Urban Improv:  Canadian Content, she has performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festivals, and the Canwest Comedy Festival.  TV credits include The Collector, The L-Word, Masters of Horror, and recurring roles on Kingdom Hospital, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis.  She's thrilled to be a full-time Farceur this season!

Your reaction to joining Air Farce?
Like I said, “thrilled!”  Plus, Mumsie and Pops couldn’t be prouder.

What did you want to be when you were in school?
I always wanted to be a ‘Famous Movie Star’, and a member of The Jackson Five.  There was one day in grade six I thought it would be more practical to be a Marine Biologist.  But that was one day. 

What makes you laugh?
My family is an endless source of hilarity – but perhaps not on purpose.

Why is comedy so important to you?
It’s just the way I see the world.  The lighter side of life is always worth looking into.  It’s also important to me because it’s currently paying the bills.