Rick and Gord have been writing Air Farce sketches together since 1977 (Season 4 of the radio show). They have also written for Sharon, Lois and Bram's Elephant Show, Eric's World and a variety of other hand puppets and celebrities. As contributors to Dave Broadfoot's act, the partners feel they have worked with this country's finest stand-up comedian.


Birth place: Toronto, Ontario
Star Sign:
Lived in:
East York, East End Toronto

Gord chose this career mainly because there's very little heavy lifting and you don't have to get up early. Born and raised in the Toronto borough of East York - a borough is much like a municipality only crunchy - he now lives nearby in the area known as "the Beach" where he enjoys taking his dog for a drag along the boardwalk. Gord's interests include movies, junk food and sleeping, plus debating philosophical questions such as "If he shot the Sheriff but he did not shoot the Deputy, who shot the Deputy?" His big regret in life is he isn't Dennis Hopper.


Birth place: East York, Ontario
Same as Jackie Kennedy, even though she never invited me to her place for tea and biscuits
Star Sign:
Leo (the only Jewish Zodiac sign)
Lived in:
Mostly medium-sized homes

Rick, a Toronto native, has lived in such exotic locales as East York, East End Toronto, and for six months in Scarborough until he was asked to leave because he did not own a car. When not writing for Air Farce, Rick spends most of his spare time trying to set the clock on his VCR. As for the future, he hopes one day to be there. And with any luck, still be aware enough to appreciate it. His greatest influences are Franz Kafka, Sigmund Freud and Frank Mahovlich.

Reasons for becoming a writer
GORD: All the jobs for sports team mascots were taken.
RICK: Air Farce politely asked us to.

Favourite Air Farce characters
GORD: Mike from Canmore, Buck McSweeny (the synchronized swimmer guy), Stumpy Tom Conway, Closet Elvis
RICK: For radio, Bobby Clobber. For TV, The Critic (Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me)

Favourite Air Farce sketches
GORD: Chicken Cannon, Inbred Song, Klutzes Hotline.
RICK: For radio, The Rental Shop. For TV, Inbred Song.

Most embarrassing moment (related to Air Farce)
GORD: Not enough space here.
RICK: Constantly being asked by friends when I was going to get a real job.

Biggest challenge on Air Farce
GORD: Writing info for a Web page.
RICK: Trying to stay conscious during rehearsal.

Highlight of working on Air Farce
GORD: Seeing John Morgan in a leather bondage outfit.
RICK: Having a national voice that asks Canadians to laugh and think..

Who makes you laugh?
GORD: Woody Allen, Letterman, daughter Kristi, anyone named Shecky.
RICK: Woody Allen, George Burns and Christopher Walken.

Your attitude towards being politically incorrect
GORD: Next.
RICK: There's lots of room for humour where any issue takes itself too seriously. You offend more people by rudeness and ignorance than by mislabeling or stereotyping.

Who was the major influence on your career?
GORD: Mother Teresa.
RICK: Duncan Sandison, a CBC executive who went out of his way to make sure we got a start.

Where do you get your ideas?
GORD: Ask Rick for them.
RICK: Ask Gord for them.

What did you want to be when you were in school?
GORD: Mick Jagger.
RICK: Out of school.

What was your least favourite subject in school?
GORD: Home Economics.
RICK: History (but there was a lot less of it when I was there.)